“A Goal”: A Year with Emily Dickinson

You can now find posts for The Emily Project here on our shiny new blog! Here’s the first post in the project, dated January 1.

Brenna Layne

IMG_20190101_205015936IT’S SO SHINY!!!

For the past few years, I’ve had a mostly-daily poetry reading ritual (“mostly-daily” because, well, life). I love books whose titles begin with A Year With… and end with a writer’s name–they’re an excellent way to read bits and bobs, discover new words and voices, become better acquainted with familiar ones. A few years ago, I read A Year with C. S. Lewis. In 2018 I read A Year with Rilke. One year I read through the complete works of John Keats.

“Soon it will be 2019!” I thought to myself not too long ago. “I will need a new Year With book! I will find a book by a woman!”

Gentle reader, I did not.

It turns out that A Year With… books by women who do not want to convert you to their religion are not to be had for love or money…

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