An Attempt at a Deed

And here’s the January 3 entry for The Emily Project:

Brenna Layne

A Deed knocks first at Thought
And then—it knocks at Will—
That is the manufacturing spot
And Will at Home and well

It then goes out an Act
Or is entombed so still
That only to the ear of God
Its Doom is audible— ~Emily Dickinson (draft here)

I am flying solo with this one, and I don’t know what to do with it past a certain point. I am beginning to wonder if this is how an Emily Dickinson poem works–it lures you in with some lovely tidy little aphorism that of course you understand, and then BOOM!! you get hit over the head by syntax and the thing with feathers is flying in circles around your skull, cheeping like in cartoons when someone gets bludgeoned with a falling Acme anvil.

Every act manifests first as thought, and then you have to actually summon the will to…

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