whatsoever is consumed

Hope is a subtle glutton;
He feeds upon the fair;
And yet, inspected closely,
What abstinence is there!

His is the halcyon table
That never seats but one,
And whatsoever is consumed
The same amounts remain.

~Emily Dickinson
Image detail via Pexels.

Why did I choose this poem for Christmas Day?? I have no idea. Typically I choose poems a month at a time, mapping out which one I’ll read each day. I try to fit the poems to the seasons, to events happening on specific days, etc. I can’t remember why I decided this was a Christmas poem…maybe because it’s about hope? Or maybe because of all the gluttonous overkill that can all too easily happen on Christmas? I now have no idea. Oh well. Have an Emily poem for Christmas. Merry holiday to you and yours!